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BHI Hebrew School (2023/24)

Our Hebrew School is a long standing tradition at our historic Toronto synagogue.  We shape the school as per the needs of the community. This year we will be offering 3 classes for different age groups.


Kindergarten   JK / SK with their adult      9:15 am – 10:00 am        
This is a family class and the child comes with a parent or maybe a grandparent or perhaps an uncle or aunt. If an older sibling is enrolled in Kita Alef (grades 1-3) that follows at 10:15 am, they are invited to participate for a small fee, to cover any craft supplies.

Kita Alef (Junior Class)   90 minutes     grades 1 – 3      10:15 am – 11:45 am
In this class we will explore our themes with stories, acting and crafts. We include a snack time when we learn the brachot and what it means to be thankful.

Kita Bet (Senior Class)   120 minutes   grades 4 – 6        noon – 2:00 pm
In this class we will do more desk work. We will complete the alef-bet and then practice our reading through learning prayers and songs that they will know for their b'nei mitzvahs. We will also work on projects to explore the holidays, Torah, Jewish history and values.


All classes explore Jewish themes as we go around the calendar year.
The goal is for them to recognize, understand and feel comfortable to participate in the rituals they see at home or at their grandparents’ and cousins’ homes. 

We study the alef-bet so that they may someday read their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parsha from the Hebrew text. We study the holidays and in between we learn stories from the Torah, mitzvot, prayer and songs, modern Israel and what it means to be a Jew.

All the kids participate in the major festivals, our Latkefest at Chanukah, our Purim shpiel in the spring. We often hold a Tu B’shvat seder and we start the year with a community Sukkah build. In the spring the kids will help to lead prayers in a shabbat service.

Come and join us as we learn about being Jewish

If you are ready to register your children in our Hebrew School, please use the buttons below to: (1) review the school fees list; (2) register your children; and (3) pay the school fees.

Special arrangements may be made for those facing financial constraints and no child will be turned away. Please contact the Shul office for more information or to make a confidential request. 

Send any other inquiries to the Shul office.

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