Beach Hebrew Institute

Code of Conduct


Code of conduct

Members of the Beach Hebrew Institute, as well as those who attend its services, classes, and other events, are expected to adhere to the following principles:


  • Gain spiritual and personal growth

  • Serve as role models

  • Act as advocates and positive spokespersons for the synagogue

  • Embrace tzedakah (righteous action)

  • Preserve the decorum and dignity of services


  • Uphold Jewish values such as fairness, Derech Eretz (respectful engagement), mutual respect, sensitivity and openness

  • Act with personal honesty and integrity

  • Preserve the dignity of the synagogue, its members and those who serve it

  • Support the daily work of the congregation and its leadership

  • Maintain a safe and welcoming environment

 Communication and Confidentiality

  • Refrain from breaking the Jewish laws of lashon harah (idle gossip or slanderous talk)

  • Respect the privacy of others

  • Communicate openly and truthfully

  • Express constructively, and to the appropriate party, any discussions of policy, positions, programs or individuals

  • Ensure that disagreement relates only to principles and priorities, not personalities

 Respect for Others

  • Ensure that everyone involved in synagogue life is treated with kavod (respect)

  • Enable those who are connected with synagogue life to reach their highest potential

  • Teach that all are created B’tzelem Elohim (in the image of God) and that being a Jew is an honor and a privilege

  • Remember and remind others that the goal is unity, not uniformity

  • Ensure that boundaries, prerogatives and expertise are respected

By living a committed Jewish life, each of us can improve while contributing to tikkun olam (repair of the world).


If a member believes that a member or visitor is in breach of this Code of Conduct, he or she is encouraged to notify a member of the Board of Directors. All complaints will be treated with respect. The appropriate course of action and follow-up will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In the case of sustained breaches of this Code and/or failure to satisfactorily resolve a conflict, the Beach Hebrew Institute reserves the right to terminate membership and/or refuse entry to the synagogue as a last resort.