Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

The Beach Shul is a popular Bar and Bat Mitzvah venue for member and non member families alike. The child must be Jewish according to religious law, i.e. the child’s mother must be Jewish by birth or conversion.

If not, you may wish to consider a ritual conversion for your child. Please contact the Toronto Board of Rabbis, ro.deraj@lekehsm or phone 416.631.5373.

The Beach Hebrew Institute is able to host Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies during our regular Shabbat morning services, Shabbat Havdallah or twilight services and Monday or Thursday morning services.

We require that all events follow the Conservative tradition and use the Shul's prayer book. You will find more information about fees and how to book your simcha in our information document, downloadable here.

For information and availability, please send inquiries ereh.